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Calliope was born in 2005 and brought a glamorous style to Teddy. To date it numbers 88 stores in 19 countries around the world.
What characterises the products is the atmosphere of its sales points, the directly managed ones and the franchisings, too. It is a balanced contemporary kind of glamour with a “stylish” touch. The Calliope items are up-to-date and trendy, yet accessible to everyone with the right balance between a fashionable and a basic style. The result is a collection of products for men and women who want to feel naturally glamorous every day.

the brand


Calliope in the fast fashion scene is the only brand that offers with a totally Italian style a modern, clean and stylish look that we call glamour light. Our glamour light is expressed in a collection that is always up-to-date and never extreme, which lives in an original concept store with an international flavour.

our stores


The sales point is reminiscent of a creative laboratory, a unique format where the design is essential, contemporary and international, yet warmed by a completely Italian taste. The large store entrance opens up the store and creates space, leading the customers in and presenting this stylish world to them.  
Inside, the paths have been carefully designed to highlight the breaks between the various areas of the sales point, creating a space that is always up-to-date with the latest trends and able to guarantee innovative and current products with the right balance between a fashionable and a basic design.
The target of the store is wide ranging and the products offer total-looks for women and men, and accessories with a wide choice of fashionable items.